About Us

The PEAS Principle

At its core, The PEAS Principle is predicated on two central tenets:

Above all, it’s not about what one has to offer that matters most, but rather being able to identify, understand, anticipate and address a client’s needs, wants or challenges.

Second, ensuring the experience is optimized. Beyond solely a product or service, what additional value adds do clients seek as an integral part of their overall experience?

  1. Whether you choose to outsource your procurement, operations, marketing, sales or consulting, the experience must result in a positive outcome.
  2. Second, the most efficient utilization of pertinent resources needs to occur.
  3. Third, all work is to be handled and completed appropriately and professionally.
  4. Fourth, the process and result are to be as safe/risk averse as desired.

P=Positive, E=Efficient, A=Appropriate and S=Safe comprise the basis of The PEAS Principle, PEAS Corps and our client-focused orientation and approach.

Mission Statement

 To achieve positive results and solutions for our clients

Areas of Focus

The PEAS Corps and PEAS Principle in Action

Leveraging your “spend” by combining it with that of other clients, coupled with choosing from among well over 100+ potential sources of supply, enables us to deliver positive results regarding your procurement needs.